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Expert Consultation and Reasoning Conference on Southern Base of International Chinese Language Education Practice and Research Successfully holds

On April 11, 2022, Xiamen University (XMU) held an expert consultation and reasoning conference on applying for the establishment of the “Southern Base of International Chinese Language Education Practice and Research”. The conference was supported and guided by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Fang Ying, Assistant to the President and Executive Dean of Graduate School of XMU, attended and addressed the conference.

Experts invited to attend the conference were: Zhang Guangcui, Director of President’s Office of Jilin University and former Director of Northeast Base of International Chinese Language Education, Jiang Liping, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Vice Dean of Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education and Vice Director of Research Center for International Chinese Language Education of Beijing Language and Culture University, Wang Hui, Double-Dragon Distinguished Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Dean of the College of International Culture and Education and Director of the Institute of International Chinese Education of Zhejiang Normal University, and Zhou Yong, Director of Confucius Institutes Affairs Office and Deputy Dean of Institute of Global Chinese Language Teachers Education of East China Normal University. Song Na, the program coordinator of Project Planning Office of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, was also present at the conference. The conference was presided over by Geng Hu, Deputy Dean of Chinese International Education College/Overseas Education College (CIEC/OEC).

Fang Ying first expressed gratitude to the experts present at the conference, and then gave a brief introduction to XMU’s development history, especially emphasizing its contribution to the introduction of Chinese culture in the world, which was highlighted in the congratulation letter from President Xi Jinping during the centenary celebration of XMU. Fang pointed out that the application for and the establishment of the base would be of great significance to the development of international Chinese education in XMU. We would take full advantage of our university’s characteristics of being in a Special Economic Zone on the coast, enjoying aid from overseas Chinese and our compatriots in Taiwan, and carry out our strategy of “collaborating with all parties” so as to pool wisdoms and resources from all sides to make the base successful, facilitating Sino-foreign communication and exchange, and dissemination of Chinese language and culture in the world.

Chen Zhiwei, Dean of CIEC/OEC, made a report on the present conditions for the base to be established, past achievements, reasons for the establishment, plans and supporting resources. Experts and officials in charge of relevant departments present at the conference had a full discussion on the establishment of the base, its orientation and vision of development. Their arguments gave a full affirmation of the achievements made by XMU in international Chinese education, and the operation of Confucius Institutes in the world. They unanimously agreed to support the establishment of the base and made valuable suggestions for its future development. Fan Li, Chair of the College Council, expressed appreciation of the remarks by experts and officials. She pointed out that international Chinese language education is a challenging yet glorious cause. The College will, under the guidance of and with the support of XMU’s leadership, collaborate with related departments and colleges of XMU and try its best to build well the base of international Chinese language education with multi-diversities.

Practice and Research Base of International Chinese Language Education is an innovative project initiated by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation in light of China’s drive of opening up further to the outside world and the new situation of international Chinese language education. The consultation and reasoning conference has broadened our minds for the application for the Southern Base and we will further improve our plans for the base in accordance with the advice and suggestions of the experts so as to realize our plans and vision.

Attendees from XMU included Yu Hongbo, Executive Director of Office of Overseas Campus Affairs and Deputy Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Lin Mushun, Deputy Director of the Office of Social Sciences, Li Xiaohong, Deputy Dean of School of Film, Lu Jiande, Director of Center for Comparative Literature and Transcultural Studies, Wu Di, Deputy Chair of the College Council and Pan Chaoqing, Deputy Dean.

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