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XMU Chinese International Education College Holds The Teachers’ Union Inaugural Meeting and 2021 Teachers’ Congress

On the afternoon of January 12, the Teachers’ Union Inaugural Meeting of XMU Chinese International Education College/Overseas Education College and the 2021 Teachers’ Congress Meeting were held in Lecture Hall B102 of Kunluan Building in Xiang’an Campus. A total of 7 people were elected as Teachers union committee members. The meeting heard the 2021 work report and financial report made by Dean Chen Zhiwei, and deliberated on the work report and the statement of revenue and expenditure made in the previous session of the Teachers Union. The meeting was presided over by Wu Di, Deputy Council Chair of the College.

The inaugural meeting was held strictly in accordance with the regulations stipulated in XMU Teachers’ Union Work Plan for the General Election at the Primary Level. During the meeting, the XMU Teachers Union’s Approval of the Convening of the College Teachers Union Congress was read out first. After the National Anthem of the People's Republic of China was played, Xiao Ningyao made the Report on the Work of the Teachers Union on behalf of the Teachers union committee; Tang Qianqian reported on the Status of Revenue and Expenditure of the Teachers Union; Lv Boning read out the Approval of the Candidates of College Teachers Union Committee Chair and Members. After Deputy Chair Wu Di introduced the candidates for the First Teachers Union Committee, Wang Tianxiao read out the Draft Measures for General Election of the Teachers Union Committee of the College. All participants voted on the Draft Measures with unanimous approval.

Xiao Ningyao makes the Report on the Work of the Teachers Union

Tang Qianqian reports on the Status of Revenue and Expenditure of the Teachers Union

The scrutineers check the ballot box and stick a seal on it

Participants cast their votes in an orderly manner

There were 8 candidates for the election of the Teachers union committee members. Finally, 7 people were elected as committee members, namely Zhang Tao, Zhang Dongcai, Sun Yingqing, Xiao Ningyao, Xu Lili, Qin Jingjing and Peng Dan.

Subsequently, Dean Chen Zhiwei made the 2021 work report and financial report. She emphasized that the past year had been very unusual and difficult, as the external environment was complicated, and the work brought by the integration of two colleges was arduous.  The college has focused on the central tasks of the University and the College, and united students and faculty to overcome difficulties and spare no efforts to promote its Chinese international education to a higher level. As the first college to be named “Chinese International Education” in China, the College has achieved good results in the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Next, Dean Chen Zhiwei reviewed the work of the college in the past year comprehensively and objectively from five aspects: 1) strengthening ideological guidance and enforcing full and strict governance; 2) working together to overcome difficulties and realizing a stable transition of the college; 3) being united to fulfil all the tasks; 4) enhancing the level of education while nurturing international Chinese talents; 5) ensuring the fulfilment of responsibilities and steadily stepping up the development of the Confucius Institutes. In addition, she summarized the fruitful results achieved after the integration of the two colleges, using pictures and diagrams, and also pointed out the current difficulties and challenges, and put forward the development strategies and goals for the future. In particular, she showed the audience a new direction called “Connotative Development of Chinese International Education”.

Dean Chen Zhiwei makes the 2021 work report

After hearing the report, the participants were divided into four groups for discussion and deliberation at specified places. Hong Bin, Liu Qiang, Lin Lin, and Hong Wei each delivered a speech on behalf of their groups. They all gave full credit to the report and said that through the report, the realities and problems of the college were presented objectively and faithfully; the strategies and plans were clear and focused; people were inspired to unite together and move forward. Additionally, the four representatives shared their ideas about enrollment publicity, discipline development, research team construction, alumni association, the integration of Chinese Language Department with full-time teachers, student affairs, etc.

Group discussion

Hong Bin speaks on behalf of the first group

Liu Qiang speaks on behalf of the second group

Lin Lin speaks on behalf of the third group

Hong Wei speaks on behalf of the fourth group

Next, Vice Deans Geng Hu and Pan Chaoqing elaborate on the division of work in the new semester. Deputy Council Chair Wu Di addresses the issue of pandemic prevention and control measures during the winter vacation.

Vice Dean Geng Hu delivers a speech

Vice Dean Pan Chaoqing delivers a speech

Deputy Council Chair Wu Di briefed on the requirements for pandemic prevention and control

Council Chair Fan Li delivered a closing speech

At last, Council Chair Fan Li delivered a closing speech. She congratulated the seven newly elected committee members and pointed out that this meeting was based on the principle of unity, democracy, pragmatism, and progress. She said that all the participants made contributions to the college by offering their advice and suggestions. Then she expressed three hopes for all faculty members.

The meeting ended with the singing of The Internationale. It reviewed the college’s achievements over the past year and looked forward to the coming year. Standing at a new historical starting point, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, and Chinese international education embraces both challenges and new opportunities. With the concerted efforts of all faculty members, the college will speed up the development of Chinese international education and score better achievements.

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