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Overseas Education College helps students to find their language partners. If you need a Chinese friend while you are studying in Xiamen University or even before arriving at Xiamen, please contact OEC immediately.




Chinese Language Partner Needed




Overseas Education College, founded in 1956, is a higher educational institution of Xiamen University specialized in Foreign Education, and has gain strong reputationin the area of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.The college attracts over 1000 overseas students every year, including short-term and long-term non-degree students, undergraduates, postgraduates majoring in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics as well as International Chinese Education, and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. To promote communications between Chinese and overseas students, enhance friendship while boost their social and linguistic abilities, OEC recruit Chinese language partner volunteers towards the whole university. All students are welcomed.

Volunteer Services include:

  1. Pre-study Consulting: provide detailed information about China, Xiamen and Xiamen University from the perspective of a Chinese university student.
  2. Orientation: at the beginning of each semester, help overseas students finishing registration and accommodation check-in procedures.
  3. Mutual Learning: teach and learn from each other, enjoy complementary advantages in language.
  4. Life Supporting: help overseas students to accommodate local environment, including accommodation, food, shopping, sports and entertainment facilities.
  5. Sports and Cultural Activities: encourage overseas students to participate in various kinds of sports, cultural and community activities in Xiamen University.


Current students in Xiang’an Campus of Xiamen University, who is good at communication and Putonghua, willing to help others, honest and friendly, familiar with basic foreign affairs etiquette and the local environment.

Application Procedure:

Students from other colleges: please fill in the Volunteer Registration Form and hand it to Room B207 of Overseas Education College. Electronic version of the registration form shall also be sent to the following email address, with subjects in the form of ‘Chinese language partner volunteer-College-Name’.

Students from the Overseas Education College: please register your students’ No., name, contact information and special requirements in Room B207. We will assign appropriate Chinese language partners for you depending on your situation.

Contact Information:

    • Address: Student Affairs Office, Room B207, No. 2 Building of the main building complex, Xiang’an Campus of Xiamen University, 361102
    • Telephone: 0086-592-2187478,2182450
    • Fax:0086-592-2093346
    • Email:lwguan@xmu.edu.cn, Miss Guan Liwen
    • Website: http://oec.xmu.edu.cn

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