Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

  • Placement test

    For non-degreed Chinese language new students: At the beginning of the semesters, beginners have oral tests and those of intermediate & advanced levels should have written examinations besides oral tests.

    All new students will be assigned to classes that are suitable for their levels based on the results of the placement tests.

  • Mid-term examination

    Most of the comsulsory courses.

    Usually in the 9/10th week of the 18-week-long semester.

    The result of the mid-term examination accounts for 30% of the total scores of the course.

  • Final examination

    All courses

    Usually final examination of optional courses in the 17th week of the semester and compulsory courses in the 18th.

    Those with low attendance rates of a certain course are not allowed to take the final examination of the course, minimun 70% for non-degreed students and 70% for undergraduate students.

    The result of the final examination accounts for 40% of the total scores of the course.

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