Overseas Education College of Xiamen University




  • Introduction: One credit equals to one class hour (45 mins) per week for one semester about 18 weeks. Students can choose courses no more than 24 credits in one semester and will be asked to pay extra fees for each exceeding credit, specifically *RMB for non-degreed Chinese students and *RMB for undergraduate students. Students might fail to achieve credits due to poor performances in examinations or low attendance record.

  • Non-degreed Chinese: Students need to attend the compulsory courses listed in their schedules. Usually, The number of credits in non-degreed Chinese program ranges from 18 to 24.

  • Undergraduate Chinese:

    • Public course: Introduction to China, 2 credits

    • Chinese main course:
      76 credits in the first two years
      31 credits of advanced Chinese courses in the third & fourth years.

    • Major courses of different tracks in third & fourth years:
      24 creidts for students of Business Chinese
      11 credits for students of Chinese culture
      11 credits for students of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

    • Optional courses: Students should choose enough optional courses based on their own situations.

    • Practice: 3 credits

    • Thesis: 6 credits

    • Undergraduate students should achieve at least 136 credits in four years, 76 credits in first two and 60 in the last two, including the following parts:

    • Holders of HSK 4 certificates or above could be exempt from the first year study and begin directly from the second year in the autumn semester. They would only need to achieve the latter 60 credits in this case.




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