Overseas Education College of Xiamen University
2022/04/26 International Chinese Language Day┃Join Hands to Perform a “Symphony”- Xiamen University and Overseas Co-established Confucius Institutes Building up Friendship Through the Chinese Language
2022/04/11 Expert Consultation and Reasoning Conference on Southern Base of International Chinese Language Education Practice and Research Successfully holds
2022/04/01 The Textbook Duxing Chinese Published
2022/03/25 XMU Leaders Attended a Video Meeting with the President of Saint Mary’s University and the Annual Board Meeting of the Confucius Institute
2022/03/01 Vice President Yang Bin Attended 2022 Annual Board Meeting of the Confucius Institute at Newcastle University
2022/01/12 XMU Chinese International Education College Holds The Teachers’ Union Inaugural Meeting and 2021 Teachers’ Congress
2022/01/09 XMU Chinese International Education College Held the Third Regular Online Meeting for Chinese Directors of Confucius Institutes
2021/12/20 Actively stepping up the building of practice base for foreign students to embrace the new era of international education
2019/09/28 The Fourth Overseas Distance Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony of Xiamen University Held in Bandung, Indonesia
2019/09/18 Looking Seawards, We Set Sail for Our Dreams OEC Welcomed Freshmen for the Autumn 2019 Semester
2019/07/30 “Chasing Dreams in China ? Advanced Seminar of Overseas Chinese Media of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese” successfully held at XMU
2019/06/30 OEC Held the Closing Ceremony of Its Short-Term Program with Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus
2017/06/15 Tan Kah Kee Scholarships
2016/10/28 2016 Xiangshan Mountain Walkathon notice
2016/10/17 Chinese Corner every Tuesday night
2016/10/09 2016 XMU Sports Meeting on Xiang'an Campus
2016/09/29 Exit and Entry Administration Law of China
2016/09/29 OEC Elearning Project negotiation conference
2016/09/29 Guide for Scholarship Students by OSAO(PDF)
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