Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Online Chinese Courses

 XMU Online Chinese Course, offering you opportunity to learn Chinese at home

With the novel coronavirus sweeping across the world, in order to meet the needs of Chinese learning, the Overseas Education College will launch a series of online Chinese courses to ensure that everyone can learn Chinese at home.

Smart placement, free trial listening, flexible scheduling

Teaching in small classes, listening, speaking, reading and writing all covered, unlimited replay

Interaction in class, exercise after class, application of what have learned in life.

Classroom Platform

Use Tencent Classroom, Tencent Meeting, ZOOM, Wechat and other platforms to teach online.

How to Conduct

Interactive live broadcast combined with recording and playback, teaching resources and after-school tutoring will be provided.

Curriculum, tuition and class schedules

Class Schedule (Beijing Time):

From Monday to Friday, with class time as follows: (The specific class time may be arranged taking into account the time zone you are in.)

Sessions1-2   8:00-9:40

Sessions 3-4  10:10-11:50

Sessions 5-6  14:30-16:10

Sessions 7-8  16:40-18:20

Sessions 9-10  19:10-20:50

Application Process

1. Online registration: https://oec.xmu.edu.cn

2. Complete the test after registration.

3. After receiving the electronic admission notice, please pay the tuition fee and send the remittance voucher (Class will be arranged when ten students with similar proficiency level register for it.)

4. Do equipment testing according to the notified time and meet with the teacher, and receive electronic textbooks and curriculum schedule.

5. Attend classes on time.

Preparation before Class

1. You should go online 15 minutes in advance to test equipment.

2. Get teaching materials and school supplies ready.

Certificate to be Awarded

You will be awarded Certificate of Completion of Overseas Education College of Xiamen University upon completion of study.


Ms. Yan, Ms. Ding


Email: oec@xmu.edu.cn