Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Distance education



Distance programs are open for non-Chinese citizens, overseas Chinese, residence from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who are with high school diploma or higher academic degree certificate Chinese proficiency of New HSK Level 5 or above is required.


We offer three education levels through distance programs, namely, associate diploma, bachelor’s degree for applicants with associate diploma and bachelor’s degree for applicants with high school diploma, covering six majors in Chinese and Business. Majors in Chinese category focus on the education of Chinese teaching theories and methods, while majors in Business category emphasize the building systematic business expertise and business practice ability.


Students can learn through online teaching platform. A complete credit system is applied. Students can obtain corresponding graduation certificates by earning required credits. Besides online course videos, assignments, Q&A and discussion are all conducted online, ensuring that students can flexibly arrange their study according to their schedule.



Chinese language-related majors

Chinese Language with two tracks: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and business Chinese (TCFL), Business Chinese

Chinese Language and Literature with two tracks: Literature, Teaching

Business-related majors:

International economics and trade


Hotel management



Length of Study: A complete credit system is applied. Flexible durations of study are available. 2-3 years for associate degree and bachelor’s degree for candidates with associate diploma, 4 years at the maximum; 3-5 years for bachelor’s degree for candidates with high school diploma, 7 years at the maximum.


Certificate Awarded:

Associate degree study: Associate diploma issued by Xiamen University

Bacherlor degree study: Undergraduate Certificate of Xiamen University. Undergraduates may apply for Bachelor of Arts of XMU by submitting a graduation thesis and passing the thesis defense within one year after obtaining their graduation certificate.



Enrollment Fee: 400 RMB

Tuition: 1. 12,000 RMB for Associate Diploma study; 2. 12,000 RMB for Associate-to-Bachelor Degree study; 3. 24,000 RMB for Bachelor Degree study.

Other fees and costs: please refer to "Fees and Costs".

Qualifications to Apply:

1. Non-Chinese citizens, or overseas Chinese, or residence from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;

2. Healthy;

3. High school graduates or above;

4. New HSK Level 5 or above.


Way of Application: Online Learning Center of XMUOEC  http://oecc.xmu.edu.cn


Time for Application: available all throughout the year


Documents for Application:

1. Non-Chinese citizens:

  • ID photo;

  • Photocopy of passport;

  • Photocopy of  highest degree certificate and transcripts & notarized copy in English or Chinese;

  • Photocopy of New HSK Level 5 certificate or above.

2. Overseas Chinese:

  • Besides the documents mentioned in 1, applicants also need to provide long-term residence permit or permanent residence permit issued by the country they stay in and the Entry & Exit records of recent two years;

  • In case no long-term residence permit or permanent residence permit is available, provide the Entry & Exit records of recent five years.


Method of Study:

Individual: Online coursesoftware, real-time video classroom, homework, Q&A, discussion makes it possible for you to freely arrange the time and place for your own study.

Teaching spots: Teaching spots open in student-concentrated areas where teaching or guidance is offered. More information about locations of teaching spots is available by consulting the college.