Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

  • Arrival at Xiamen University
    If you need us to pick you up at the airport, please fill the service card and send it to us by fax or email in at least one week advance. The OEC driver will charge transportation fee depending on the number of passengers.
    You can download the pickup service card at: http://oec.xmu.edu.cn/file/serviceCARD.doc
    If coming by taxi, you can tell the driver to go to Overseas Education College in Kunluan Bldg. (主楼二号楼坤銮楼), Xiang’an Campus of Xiamen University (厦门大学翔安校区海外教育学院), marked as “A” in XMU map.
  • Location
  • Map of Xiang'an campus

  • Transportation:
    • Xiang'an campus
      • Bus No. 751 (Xiang'an campus ←→ Siming campus)
      • Bus No. 761 (Xiang'an campus ←→ Huijing Shopping Mall)
      • Bus No. 707 (Xiang'an campus ←→ Maxiang)
      • Bus No. 790  (Xiang'an campus ←→Jimei North Railway Station)
      • Weekend express bus during the semester(Xiang'an campus 8:00, 9:00 ←→ Siming campus 17:00, 19:00)
    • Siming campus
      The following bus routes pass through or start from Xiamen University, which makes it very convenient for students to travel around Xiamen city. They are:
      • Bus No. 1 (Xiada←→Railway Station)
      • Bus No. 2 (Baicheng←→Ferry)
      • Bus No.15 (Xiada←→Yueyang Xiaoqu)
      • Bus No.18 (Xiada←→Jimei)
      • Bus No.20 (Xiada←→Shangli)
      • Bus No.21 (Xiada←→Railway Station)
      • Bus No.22 (Baicheng←→Baoshui Qu)
      • Bus No.29 (Xiada←→Qianpu)
      • Bus No.45 (Xiada←→Lianhua Wucun)
      • Bus No.47 (Xiada←→North Qianpu)
      • Bus No.48 (Baicheng←→Railway Station)
      • Bus No.71 (Xiada←→Haicang)
      • Bus No.82 (Xiada←→Xiada Student Flat)
      • Bus No.87 (Baicheng←→Dongdu)
    • You can search for bus information at: xiamen.8684.cn

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