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Chinese language partners:
Please click Chinese language partners if you need a Chinese friend while you are studying in Xiamen University or even before arriving at Xiamen.

Foreign Language Corner
Students can join the foreign language corner once a week in the courtyard of OEC college building, where students of different major and nationalities can meet together and talk in a foreign language undertood by each other.

"Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Students in China

  • The CCTV Chinese Language Competition: the 5th‘Chinese Bridge’ Competition is held by China Central Television and National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and is organized byCCTV-4 – the International Channel.
  • Participants shall be non-Chinese citizens and non-native Chinese speakers who currently study in China. The competition is conducted in 25 competition areas in China, and is proceeded in two stages as to the preliminary competition and the final competition. From 2008, it is held every year at around May 7th to August 31st.
  • Chinese language competition provides overseas students a platform to show their Chinese proficiency and share their Chinese learning experiences. Named as ‘Chinese Bridge’, this competition did build a bridge of friendship between a developing China and all the overseas friends who love Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Student associations:

Tours in Xiamen and nearby cities:
Click to view photos of famous tourist attractions in Fujian.
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University sports meeting:Please refer to sports column

Xiamen marathon:Please refer to sports column

Chinese Kungfu: Please refer to sports column



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