Overseas Education College of Xiamen University



  • Those who live off-campus should observe the laws and regulations laid down by the national and local governments; should respect Chinese customs; should respond all requests of the local police station & residence committee. They should not do anything that sours themselves and the fame of the University, or they will bear all the responsibilities resulting from their bad behavior.
  • The staff of the Overseas Students’ Affairs Office and the teachers who are in charge of the students’ class will irregularly go to see or call students living off-campus, to which the students living off-campus should show their cooperation and understanding.
  • Students should bear all the responsibilities arising from civil disputes that take place during their off-campus living period.


Application Procedures for Off-campus Accommodation:

  • New students who would like to live off-campus should report their giving-up of on-campus accommodation to the college as soon as they arrive. Current students who have lodged in student dormitories and decide to live off campus should report their decision to their college and complete the dormitory check-out procedures.
  • All students living off-campus should go to the local police station to get the Foreigner Temporary Residence Report within 24 hours of arrival (72 hours in Xiang'an district), then return to OSAO with the Report to collect other official documents, including Application Form for Address Change. As a final step, report the change of lodging with all the given documents to Entry&Exit Visa Administration Office of Xiamen Public Security Bureau within 10 days. Students who fail to obey the rules may receive a warning or a fine up to 500 RMB a day; serious offenders will be ordered to leave the country within a specified period.


Documents needed by OSAO: 

  • Two copies of the landlord/landlady’s ownership papers (i.e. landlord’s real estate license)
  • Two copies of the landlord’s ID Card
  • Two copies of the lease contract
  • One copy of the temporary residence report issued by the local police station

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