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Library of Xiang’an Campus
The Library of Xiang’an Campus is located in the center of the campus, at No.3 Building of the main building complex. The library is 9 floors high, and has a total area of 73 thousand square meters. The library will provide more than 3000 reading rooms, with a collection of more than 2.5 million books.Once built, it will be divided into 4 departments –Xiang’an Branch Library, Medical Branch, Multi-media Resource Center, and Reserve Library. Library service is available on the first floor and is equipped with Books Borrowing Area, Periodicals Reading Room and Studying/recreation Area. It has a collection of nearly 16 hundred thousand books, 500 kinds of newspapers and magazines, mainly about earth and sea, life science, medical and environment. Temporary library offers services on reader affairs, books borrowing and returning, booksreservation, WIFI, consulting and academic services.

  • Opening Time
    • Monday to Friday: 8:00 – 21:20 (close on Wednesday afternoon from 12:00 – 18:00)
    • Saturday to Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00
    • Closing time will be noticed 10 minutes earlier. Please leave the library immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.
    • Due to transportationreasons, opening time in the morning might be delayed. Thank you for your understanding. Opening time in winter/summer holidays and festivals will be noticed later.
  • Self-service Book-box
    Self-service book-box is installedbeside the supermarket of the first Dining Hall. Books there arecarefully selected and distributedby library staff every workday. Students can borrow books at any time so as to enrich their campus lives.
  • Library Services
    • Borrowing books
      All books in Xiang’anlibrary are managed with Radio Frequency Identification Technology, and are printed with blue ‘RFID’marks. Readers can do self-borrow and self-check on the self-service machine as well as on the borrowing desk. The maximum is 40 check outs (plus number of books borrowed in the main library). Loan period for teachers, staffs and Master students is 60 days. After 50 days, you can renew books for another 30 days; Loan period for undergraduates is 30 days. After 25 days, you can renew books for another 15 days.
      Please consult staffs of the library if you have any question.
    • Help Borrowing and Book Reservation
      You can log into ‘My Library’ to ask for books of any libraries of Xiamen University. Library staffs will find books for you and deliver them to Xiang’an Campus. You will receive an email if the book has arrived in Xiang’an. You can also check it in ‘My Library’.
      ‘My Library’ can also be used to reserve books.You will receive an email if the book has arrived in Xiang’an. You can also check it in the official website of the Library (http:// library.xmu.edu.cn) –‘Reserved Book Checking’.
      Books will be kept in Xiang’an for 3 days. Please come and collect the book as soon as possible.
    • Self-Copy, Print and Scan Readers can use the Copy, Print and Scan Machine in the library. Fees can be paid by E-card.
    • WIFI You can use the free WIFI of the library with no password.
  • Internet Resource and Service
    Please log in the official website of the library (http://library.xmu.edu.cn). Here are the main resources:
    • Academic Reference Book:
    • Bibliographic Retrieval Services:
    • Interlibrary and Literature Delivery Services System:
    • E-Book Service:
    • E-journal Service:
    • Database Resource:
    • Reserved Book Checking:

Contact Information:

  • Location: No. 3 bldg., the main building complex, Xiang'an Campus of Xiamen University
  • Telephone: 2886616
  • Duty Telephone: 18959288305
  • Email: cqs@xmu.edu.cn, Readers’ affairs, consulting.

DisciplineStaff Services:

  • Provide consulting, reader training services. Hold lectures if needed.
  • Contact person: Han Dongli
  • Email: dlhan@xmu.edu.cn

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