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Regulations about Insurance for Overseas Students in China by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


Temporary Regulations of Overseas Students Purchasing Insurance as Required by Higher Education Institutions

  1. To meet the need of a growing overseas students’ market, optimize studying environment, maintain stabilization in higher education institutions, improve emergency management mechanism of higher education institutions and protect overseas students’ legitimate interest, this Regulations is enacted.
  2. From 2008/2009 academic term, overseas students who plan to study for more than 6 months in China (including those who plan to continue their study for more than 6 months) are required to buy Group Integrated Insurance as one of the registration procedures.

Insurance Plan

The Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Overseas Students for Xiamen University

During period of insurance, the insurance company shall undertake the following insurance liabilities:

The maximum cumulative compensation is up to 200,000 yuan (RMB) per person under this plan. The contract of insurance liability of the insured shall be terminated when the accumulation of various security reach the maximum compensation for 200,000 yuan (RMB). This plan applies to emergency care, treatment and insurance for the insured during the territory of China (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).


  1.    Loss of Life Insurance (by accident or disease). Coverage starts 90 days after the effective date of the insurance contract.  Life insurance is not paid during the 90 day waiting period.  The named beneficiary is paid if the insured dies from the following causes:
    1. Death from illness
    2. Death within 180 days of accidental injury as a result of that injury
  2. Disability Insurance.
    1. Disability insurance is paid when all of the following are true:
      • The injury is the direct and complete cause of the disability
      • The disability occurs within 180 days of the injury
      • The disability is listed in "life insurance disability evaluation criteria and codes", as published by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission ([2014] No. 6) and by the State Committee for Standardization of the People's Republic of China financial industry standard filing, numbering JR / T 0083-2013.
  3. The amount of insurance paid is determined by "life insurance disability assessment standards and codes" in proportion with the payment of the disability and the corresponding insured accident insurance payment amount multiplied by accident disability insurance. If the insured is still under treatment, disability insurance is paid according to his/her physical condition on the 180th day. When an injury causes more than one physical disability the amount paid is the combined total of each disability. When multiple disabilities occur in the same body part only the higher amount is paid.

3.    Hospitalization Medical Insurance.

The insured is cover from the start date of coverage after a 30 day waiting period. (The 30 day waiting period does not apply for accidents or continuous renewal of coverage.) During the period of insurance, when the insured suffers an accident or illness, is hospitalized at a medical institution appointed or approved by the insurer, and receives treatment that follows the basic local medical insurance regulations with reasonable and necessary medical expenses, (hereinafter referred to as "Every reasonable hospitalized medical expenses ") the insured pays a 500 yuan deductible for each accident hospitalization and the insurer pays the following:

  1. 60% of the first 500-5,000
  2. 70% of the next 5,000-20,000
  3. 80% of the next 20,000 -50,000
  4. 90% of the next 50,000 -100,000
  5. and 100% of  the next 100,000 or more

The contract is terminated when the insurer costs reach or exceed the coverage limit. Hospitalization: refers to the occupancy at an insurer designated or approved medical institutions, and go through the discharge procedures, excluding door (emergency) medical clinic observation room, family bed, hanging bed hospital, hospital beds and other informal unreasonable hospitalization. When the insured leaves the ward on their own accord for non-medical purposes for more than twelve hours it will be considered an automatic discharge.

When the insured is still hospitalized at the expiration of the period of insurance coverage will continue until the insured is discharged or midnight of the 90th day, whichever is earlier.

The costs paid by the insured will be covered by the insurer according
to this contract and up to the maximum limit specified in the contract.

4.   Accidental Injury Medical Treatment Insurance.

In the insurance period, when the insured is treated for accidental injury at the county (or larger) hospital/clinic with “every reasonable hospitalized medical expenses" or other insurer approved expenses the insurer pays 75% of expenses after a 30 yuan deductible and after deducting compensation from social basic medical insurance, free medical care, mutual insurance, in addition to other commercial insurances, charitable organizations and the third-party liability. The insurer will pay a maximum of 300 yuan for emergency examination fee per person per visit.

  1.    Individual major disease protection

There is no coverage during the 60 day waiting period at the start of the contract. Coverage includes diseases that are diagnosed by an appointed or approved specialist doctor and specified by this contract, and approved surgeries specified by this contract. The insurer pays an amount specified by this contract and terminates the responsibility of the insurer.


Insurance Plan


Insurance Items

Sum Insured (RMB: Yuan)


Loss of Life (by accident or disease)


Full payment

Disability by accident


Payment by rating

Hospitalization Medical Treatment (including accidents and diseases)


Deductible 500 yuan;

60% of 500-5000 yuan

70% of 5000-20,000 yuan, 80% of 20,000-50,000 yuan,

90% of 50,000 -100,000 yuan,

100% of over 100,000 yuan.

Outpatient Clinic (per accident)


Deductible 30 yuan,

75% after deductible

Individual major diseases


A one-time payment

Insurance Claims Process

  1. Make contact with the service representative of the insurance company - Ms. Su Sumei, 13313850354 - to report an accident or consult for related information.
  2. Bring insurance claims documents to Mr. Chen at Room B207, who will pass them to the insurance company.
  3. Documents required (please click here).
  4. Please note:

(1)If you receive treatments in two or more separate hospitals for one insurance accident, please provide certificates of diagnosis from each hospital, and medical records, ID card (passport), etc.

(2)Hospitals are restricted to level 2 above hospitals within mainland China. Medical institutions should meet the standard of medical equipment by the management regulation of hospitals, and provide 24-hour availability of qualified doctors and nurses, medical and nursing services. But not including medical institutions primarily aimed for rehabilitation, nursing, convalescent, alcohol, drug or medical institutions with similar purposes.

(3)The contract shall apply where above clauses are incomplete. Besides, if there are differences, the Chinese contract shall prevail.

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