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  • Introduction:
    XMU e-card--- XMU e-card is an IC card issued by Xiamen University, combining the functions of student/working card, library card, dining card, etc. With the XMU e-card, you can live and study in XMU easily without taking too much cash or cards. XMU e-card also involves information about your student/working number, name, e-card account, your photo and other personal information, which is useful when entering certain areas or borrowing books.

  • Usages:

  • Application & recharging:
    1. You can apply for XMU e-cards from OEC #B207 and pay 20 RMB for production fee.
    2. Open a bank account in Xiamen with your passport (Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, or Construction Bank) and link the bank account to your XMU e-card
    3. Top up your e-card by transferring money from the bank card to e-card on self-service machines at school cafeteriae, maximum 500RMB per time. Cash is not accepted for recharging e-cards.
      1. Put the e-card on the blue self-service machine at school cafeteriae.
      2. choose "Bank card to XMU e-card transfer” ("银行卡校园卡转账")
      3. Put in the amount of money you need, usually 50 to 500 RMB, and then confirm (“确认”)
      4. Type in your password of consumption (the default password is “123456” and you had better change it for the sake of privacy), and then confirm (“确认”)
      5. Request accepted (“一卡通系统已经受理您的请求").
    4. New e-card holders can not borrow books in the library until the next Tuesday.

  • Passwords:
    • Your e-card has two passwords.   
      • Inquiry passpord:You will use it when you inquire on the e-card website, self-service machines or voice calls.   
      • Recharging & consumption password:You will need it when you recharge your e-card on self-service machines and when you want to pay an amount of money beyond a limit within a period of time.
    • The default password is 123456 and you'd better change it on self-service machines and e-card website as soon as you have the card.

  • Loss reporting:
    • Ways to report the loss of your e-card
      • Voice calls at 2187890.
      • Self-service machines
      • E-card center or brach offices
      • OEC Student Affair Office in RM.B207 of the college building
    • Once you do the loss report, the card will soon be frozen.
    • If the lost card is found, you can activate it with your student ID and passport at E-card center or branch offices. You can also apply for a new one in the same way.
    • New cards in replacement of the lost one or the activated old cards can not be used for getting free rice or borrowing book till 24 hours later, and 5 hours later for entering the dormitory gate.

  • Related contacts:
    • 24 hour voice call: 0592-2187890
    • Inquiry: 0592-2187766 (Siming), 0592-2886616 (Xiang'an)
    • Office:
      1. E-cad center at 1st floor of Jiageng main building, Siming Campus;
      2. E-card branch office at Rm. C106, No.2 building, Xiang'an campus (not for opening new cards).
    • Office hours: 8:30-11:50,2:30-5:30 (Wednesday afternoon excluded).
    • Web: http://ecard.xmu.edu.cn

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