Overseas Education College of Xiamen University


Departure procedures:

Before leaving the university due to transfe of schools, suspension of schooling, graduation or completion of study, overseas students must go to the Overseas Students' Office to complete departure procedures, settle accounts, return appropriate materials like library books, pick up diplomas/certificates and transcripts, and attend the graduation ceremony.  If a student leaves the university without completing departure procedures, the university will not recognize his/her history of study at the university and will not provide any certificate of study, transcript or diploma.


Visa issue:

Overseas students should enter or leave the country within the period of validity of their residence permits. Overseas students with F visas who plan to depart the country temporarily should note whether their F visas allow multiple entries. If not, the F visa will be voided on departure, and will create troubles for returning to China. Therefore, before departing, students should complete the appropriate forms to modify their F visas.



Students must abide by China's customs regulations when carrying or sending items out of the country. All textbooks, teaching materials, information, Overseas students' own notes, academic speciality audio cassettes, videos and photographs are allowed to be carried or sent out of the country. Among these items, informal publications and information may pass customs inspection by warrant of certification from the university.

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