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Xiang'an new campus is located in Xiang'an district, the northeastern part of Xiamen city and also the geographical center of the Minnan  area (southern Fujian, mainly referring to the three comparatively prosperous cities of Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou).  MAP & LOCATION


Like other campuses of Xiamen University, all buildings at Xiang'an campus follow the traditional XMU style, so-called Tan Kah Kee architecture which combines traditional Chinese style and western characteristics. Besides, the campus sits to the south of Xiangshan mountain on top of which a famous local temple is situated and embraces a series of lakes spreading from the mountain to the center of the campus.


Covering a huge area of 243 hectares, the new campus provide complete facilities like apartments, library, swimming pool, sports fields, cafeteria, banks, stores, etc. For example, the student apartments combines four bedrooms, four balconies, a sitting room and a bathroom, equipped with facilities like air-conditioner, wooden sofa, safe, water heater for shower and fee-based internet access. Each room accommodates 2 students at a favorable price of 2000RMB per year per person. Students are assigned a place there after finishing check-in procedures in OEC.


Till now there are already over 8,000 students studying here. By 2021, the number is supposed to increase to 30,000 including students of undergraduate, master and doctoral programs.

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