Overseas Education College of Xiamen University


“Students at the University are well disciplined, not leaving litter or spitting. As I wander around the campus, I often see people cleaning up, creating a clean environment on the campus. In the University, no matter who you are, you feel welcome everywhere, people smile at you, and are friendly, willing to talk with you and help you.”

VERINE TAN from America


“Our teachers not only give us lessons, but also give us the chance to practice. Combining teaching and practice makes us acquire more knowledge!”

Student of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Malaysia

“Xiamen University is indeed beautiful! I was enchanted and delighted by its beauty at first sight. Fresh air, a clean campus, and friendly people! Great changes have taken place in China.”

JI EUN JANG from Korea

“Xiamen University enjoys a wonderful environment with a large campus and beautiful buildings. The standard of living here in Xiamen is high, and local citizens are friendly, hospitable, and open-minded. The mandarin spoken in Xiamen, especially the pronunciation of students at the University, sounds good. What has made us happier here is that we even met our princess here!”

Undergraduate student of Chinese Language from Thailand



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