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XMU Scholarships for New International Students

(partial scholarship)

XMU offers scholarships to doctoral, master's and undergraduate candidates. Scholarship awardees will have their tuitions covered (a maximum of 3 -4 years for doctoral programmes, 2-3 years for master's programmes, 4-5 years for undergraduate programmes). Moreover, XMU provides monthly living allowances for outstanding master's or doctoral candidates in accordance with the standards of Chinese Government Scholarships.

(1) Eligibility:

① Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health and have a high school diploma or higher.

② Age limits:

·Applicants for undergraduate programmes must be under the age of 25; for master's programmes must be under the age of 40; for doctoral programmes must be under the age of 45.

(2) Application Procedures:

Applicants are eligible for scholarship assessment only after they are admitted to the undergraduate, master's or doctoral programme ofXiamenUniversity. (The guidance for admission application is available at http://admissions.xmu.edu.cn   : How to apply for undergraduate/ master's / doctoral programmes 2014 )

①Applicants shall fill in the Application Form for Xiamen University Scholarship (click to download)    and then sign the form.

②Applicants are required to make online application at http://admissions.xmu.edu.cn/application  and download and print the Application Form for International Students  generated after successful online application.

Submission of application documents:

Send by post to XMU Admissions Office by the indicated deadline the two forms and other required application documents.

(3) Application Time: Feb. – April, 2014

(4) Result Release Time:  Mid or late July, 2014

Scholarship decisions will be made by XMU Admissions Office together with the relevant schools /colleges. The Admissions Office will then submit a list of scholarship nominees to the university for final approval.

★ Detailed information is available at:






Admissions Office of Xiamen University

Address: Admissions Office, Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China, 361005
Tel: +86 592 218 4792, 2188888
Fax: +86 592 218 0256
Email: admissions@xmu.edu.cn, ccp@xmu.edu.cn, chenquan@xmu.edu.cn

Web: http://admissions.xmu.edu.cn/




Xiamen University Scholarships for Exceptional Students

XMU awards scholarships to international students who have turned in an exceptional performance in their studies at XMU toward a bachelor's or master's or doctoral degree. This scholarships fall into two classes.

(1) Value of the Scholarships:

Doctoral candidates: ① 1st class: 10,000 yuan RMB; ② 2nd class: 6,000 yuan RMB;

Master's candidates: ① 1st class: 8,000 yuan RMB; ② 2 nd class:5,000 yuan RMB;

Bachelor's candidates: ① 1st class: 6,000 yuan RMB; ② 2nd class:4,000 yuan RMB;

(2) Application Time:  Early March

(3) Result Release Time:  The end of March

★ Detailed information available at: http://ice.xmu.edu.cn/showosao.aspx?news_id=1250





Overseas Student Affairs Office (OSAO)

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