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Eight-week & Four-week Short-term Chinese Program

The programs are open for applicants with different levels of Chinese proficiency, from May to July, offering 8-week and 4-week classes. The courses cover Chinese language, language practices, and various Chinese culture-themed classes. Sightseeing and cultural experience activities can be arranged upon students’ requests, with expenses to be borne by students. Through those programs, students can not only learn professional Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, but also fully appreciate the charm of Chinese culture. Certificate of completion and transcripts will be issued to students upon completion of the study.


Duration of Study: 8-week class: April 29 to the June 21; 4-week class: June 24 to July 19


Suitable Applicants: Beginners with little Chinese language background. Students whose Chinese levels are too advanced for this class can apply to join the regular long-term Chinese program.


Language course in the morning
Culture courses such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Opera, Chinese Poems, Traditional Chinese Architecture, Traditional Chinese Costume, Chinese Musical Instruments, Chinese Tea Culture, Chinese Marriage and Funeral Traditions, Chinese Wine Culture, etccalligraphy, paper cutting, or Kung Fu as well as language practice in the afternoon.
Culture tours in afternoon or weekend


Self-paid Trips: Self-paid trips to Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Longyan, Wuyi Mountain can be arranged if there are more than 15 students willing to go.


Certificates Awarded: OEC will issue Certificates for Completion of Study indicating the study periods.


Credits: With approval of foreign universities or colleges, the certificate and transcripts achieved in OEC can be transtferred into credits (8 is suggested) in respective foreign institutes.



Enrolment fee: 400RMB

Tuition: 9000 RMB for 8-week Class, 5000 RMB for 4-week Class.


Qualifications to Apply: 1. 18- 60 years old; 2. Healthy.


Documents for Application: 1.  ID photo; 2. A photocopy of passport; 3. Photocopy of Highest degree certificate and transcripts & notarized copy in Chinese or English; 4. New HSK certificate (if any).


Way of Application: Please refer to application procedures.


Application Deadline: April 1 for 8-week class, June 1 for 4-week class. Please contact us for further solution in case you apply beyond the date.


Visa: Please apply X2 visa from the local Chinese Embassy in your country with the admission notice and visa application form (jw202) issued by OEC.


Group cooperation: In case any institute or organization can gather more than 15 suitable applicants, we can open a separate class and the tuition fee, courses, as wel as time period can be further negotiated. MORE INFORMATION


1. After the eight-week basic Chinese class, student can apply to join the four-week oral Chinese class in June by paying extra tuition fee of 4000 RMB. The total tuition fee of the two programs (12 weeks) is 13000 RMB.
2. The curriculum sample may be adjusted based on practical needs. Please follow the formal timetable issued upon registration.

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