Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

OEC Elearning Project negotiation conference

In the morning of September 24, the Overseas Education College had a negotiation conference. Dean Zheng Tongtao, Vice-Dean Fu Wanli, Liu Qiang the Director of Distance Education, project leader Huang Xiangshan, Mr. Ma Yuwen from Xiamen Wangjia Education Service Co. Ltd, Ms. Wang Hui from Hong Kong Hantang Distance Education Co. Ltd and other representatives of education institutions across the country attended the meeting to discuss the development of Chinese education under the “one belt, one road” policy.
Dean Zheng Tongtao introduced the establishment of Xiamen University, the history of its evolution, campus distribution, recent development and other basic information on the OEC. Mr. Ma then introduced the number of overseas students studying in China and put forward the “one belt, one road” Chinese teaching project. He was determined to dedicate himself to building an international online Chinese learning platform to attract more foreigners to study Chinese and learn Chinese culture.
Ms. Wang was also very interested in this project. She hoped to further the cooperation with Xiamen University via this opportunity and set up an OEC Chinese learning centre in Hong Kong.
After discussion, three parties signed the cooperation agreement and attended the college’s 60th anniversary exhibition. They took a picture in front of the OEC.


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