Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

The Fujian Overseas Chinese Newspaper Visited OEC

19th September, president Chen Yingqiang from The Fujian Overseas Chinese Newspaper , consisting of 6 members, visited our college. Zheng Tongtao, Dean of Overseas Education College and International College, Xiamen University, professor, who met the visitors. Both sides discussed deeply with the current situation of Chinese lauguage education, problems,further development, and to do a good job in the special edition of The Overseas Chinese Education. Vice-president Huang Guanhua and admissions officers presented the dissussion.
Since June,Overseas Education College of Xiamen University has built up a cooperation with the Fujian Overseas Chinese Newspaper, and set a certain place for the overseas education, and advertise the Overseas Education College of Xiamen University, meanwhile, generalized the overseas Chinese education. Since teaming up with The Fujian Overseas Chinese Newspaper, 15 layouts had been finished, and published over 70 countries and regions, which attraced a large number of readers with praise and high acclaim.
Overseas Education College of Xiamen University has a long history of Chinese language education and resources, which has established an academic exchange cooperation relationship with number of institute and universities. Recent years, students from abroad now take up a growing number of sports, the college has organized activities such as Chinese corner, “Spring breeze action” of education volunteers, while combined the distance education and Chinese language educatin in the groundbreaking way, which created the new type of overseas education.
Chen Yingqiang showed that Overseas Education college and The Fujian Overseas Chinese Newspaper has long connection, and the cooperation will be the first step. He really wished the cooperation could explore wide aspects, which included Chinese language education, spreading Chinese culture, and all aspects of overseas Chinese students and international students.


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