Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

The Result of Excellent Overseas Undergraduates of OEC 2016

In order to cite the all-round development of excellent undergraduates of overseas education college and inspire them study hard and motivate themselves, the overseas education college, in accordance with‘The selection Method of Excellent Overseas Undergraduates of Overseas Education College, recommends following students as candidates for excellent undergraduates:
Business Chinese of Chinese Dept (2014 level): 
Jinyingxun (Korea)      Wanganqi(Thailand)   Yangsijia (Indonesia)
Shixiaoxuan(Philippines)  Aige(Mexico)        Mengren(Germany)
Chenxibei(Thailand)      Chendaomei(Thailand)
Education & Culture of Chinese dept (2014 level)
All together 9 candidates
The result is display from 13 June,2016 to 16 June, 2016. Any questions ,please inform the deputy secretary of OEC Weipin Wu before 16 June,2016.
E-mail: wpwu@xmu.edu.cn


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