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OEC held completion ceremony for 2016 spring semester language students

The completion ceremony for 2016 spring semester language students of Overseas Education College (OEC) was held in the multifunctional hall in Kunluan Building on the afternoon of June 17. OEC Vice PresidentHuang Guanhua, teachers and 150 foreign students attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Wu Weiping, Deputy Secretary of OEC Party Committee.
The ceremony began with the solemn anthem of Xiamen University (XMU). Following that, Huang Guanhua addressed to all attendees. She congratulated the students for their completion, recognized their diligent study and achievements, and paid her respect to the teachers for their hard work. She pointed outthat the College hadcarefully arranged Chinese language courses and established various platforms tofacilitate a fruitful Chinese language study; that the students hadovercome frustrationsand differences during their study to make progress from knowing nothing about Chinese language at the beginning to acquiring proficiency in this language and understanding Chinese culture by the time of completion; that they had made acquaintance with classmates from all over the world and shared a period of wonderful days in XMU. At last, she wished that all the students would continue their Chinese language study after returning to their home country and maintain their enthusiasm for Chinese culture and that they would have a happy and successful life going forward.
Ms. Wu Lin gave a speech on behalf of the teachers. She spoke of the confusions the students encounteredwith at the beginning of their Chinese study with vivid examples, such ashomonyms, synonyms and grammar, etc. She said that studentsfrom all over the world came to XMU to study Chinese out of their love for this language and that it was fate that brought all of us together. The teachers were so proud that all of the students had made great progress after a semester’s study. She wished that allstudents would remember their beautiful memories here in XMU and embrace a bright future.
Following on were speeches given by student representatives. Wu Yuexin, a student from Italy, said that she came to study in China out of her passion for Chinese language and culture. She knew nothing about Chinese language then. With the patient guidance of the teachers and the assistance of the classmates, she worked hard and made great progress. She also participated in many activities organized by the College, which enabling her to make many friends and further improve her language ability. She managed to pass HSK level four after one semester’s study. She extended her gratefulness for having the opportunity to study in XMU and believed that it would be an unforgettable memory in her life.
Bai Yuwei from Nigeria mentioned that she determined to come to XMU after winning the scholarship of Confucius Institute upon her graduation with a master’s degree. She assumed that it would not be that difficult since she had already acquired some knowledge on Chinese language. However, after beginning her study, it turned out that Chinese was harder to master than she had assumed and that to make progress she had to study harder. In XMU, She studied with classmates from all over the world and made friends with them as well as the teachers. She also met some Chinese friends during some activities, which made her life and study here quite a happy one. She felt sentimental that she had to leave the campus soon and extended her gratefulness for having such a wonderful experience.
Finally, teachers gave out Certificate of Completion and Transcript of Academic Report for the students as well as T shirts bearing the logo of OEC as a souvenir. Students went up to the stage to take photos with their teachers, refusing to depart. After the ceremony, all of the students and their teachers made group photos before the library, bring a perfect end to this semester.


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