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The graduation ceremony for overseas distance learning undergraduate students was held in Jakarta, Indonesia

The graduation ceremony for overseas distance learning undergraduate students of Xiamen University (XMU) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 15. Dean Zheng Tongtao, Vice Dean Fu Wanli, Director of Chinese Language Department Lian Zhidan, Director of Distance Education Department Liu Qiangand other staff from XMU Overseas Education College (OEC) attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Guo Xu, a teacher officiallydispatched by XMU Hanban (Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language).
Jin Hongyue, Counselor from Culture Office of Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, Ted Sioeng, the Goodwill Ambassador of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesiain China and President of International Daily News, the largest Chinese language press in Indonesia, Mr. Yu Yuling, Chairman of IndonesianFujian Association, on behalf of IndonesianChinese associations, Ms. Liao Xiuqiu, representative of the Board of Directors ofBandung Jingsong Foundation, and Mr. Liu Jinyuan,Chairman of XMU Alumni Association inIndonesiaalso attended the conference and addressed to the audience. Representatives of local Chinese associations, people from educational and cultural communities, business and social elites and relatives of undergraduates were present to witness this significant moment.
There were 51 graduates this year, among whom 20 graduated as students of Jakarta culture category, 11 as Jakarta teacher category and 20 as students of Jakarta correspondence education class.
Professor Zheng Tongtao, President of XMU OEC, announced the commencement of the ceremony in his speech. He extended his hearty congratulations and best wishes for the graduates. Mr. Zheng began his speech with XMU’s overseas Chinese education from 60 years ago. After Bandung Conference in 1955, XMU established the very first Overseas Correspondence Education Department in China under the advocacy of Premier Zhou Enlai. It not onlywas aboutlanguage and culture education back then, but involved the education and training of mathematics, physics, chemistry, Chinese medicine and other know-hows and professional skills that are required for the national and social development of countriesalong the Belt and Road today. With the continuous development of XMU distance education, such teaching method of combining on site teaching and distance tutoring has been recognized by local communities.
President Zheng also reviewed the history of friendly cooperation between China and Indonesia in Chinese language education. There are numerous XMU alumni in Indonesia, which forms a powerful force. As China’s “One Belt One Road” Initiative is becoming the engine of global economic development and Indonesia is among the countries along the Belt and Road, it is believed that the talents trained under the cooperated educational programs of both parties here will make a difference under the global landscape.
Mr. Zheng went on to talk about the grand celebration of XMU’s 95th anniversary and OEC’S 60th anniversary this year and their development in recent years. He wished that the graduates would carry on XMU’s century-old culture and tradition overseas with a sense of glory produced by being a member of XMU family.
One highlight of this year’s ceremony was the awards of outstanding graduate and outstanding graduation thesis. Being announced and awarded by President Zheng Tongtao, the awards served as a recognitionfor students’ hard work.
The organizing committee of the graduation ceremony arranged a Painting andCalligraphyExhibition and an evening performance titled “Look to this age for truly great men”, praising XMU and Chinese culture. On exhibition were works of Zhuang Yulan, Xu Hui, Lin Qinzao, Wang Jianfa, Huang Gong and other calligraphers andpainters. The themes of those works included XMU motto, the essence of traditional culture and the aggressive spirits of overseas XMU students. During the themed performance, artists graduated from XMU presented their works to XMU OEC as a token of their appreciation for XMU’s cultivation. Ms. Zhuang Yulan, one of the graduates this year and the most famous calligrapher in Indonesia, created anexquisite souvenir bearing XMU logo as a gift for all the guests, further expanding XMU’s influence.
As one of the most significant graduation ceremonies in Indonesia’s Chinese language education history, the ceremony was covered by International Daily News, Qiandao Ribao, Indonesia Shang Bao, Sin Chew Daily and Inhua Dailywith full page, exemplifying the great importance attached to it by local press. Various local Chinese associations and organizations had congratulation pages published on newspapers to celebratethis significant event. The ceremony is bound to be memorized as an important event in Indonesia’s Chinese language education history.


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