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Indoor reinspection in student dormitory

Circular of the Xiang’an Campus on continuing indoor reinspection in student dormitory


       A series of indoor inspections, as the continuation of the reinspections conducted by campus authority in late November, will be carried on until all the reinspections in student dormitory are complete and the relevant dispositions are hereby notified as follows:


      The university staffs who are authorized to act on behalf of the campus authority, will inspect all the student dormitory without further notice, aiming to maintain an appropriate orderliness, eliminate safety hazard and enhance implement of campus regulations.


      These reinspections will focus on the following three issues 这次的复查将会针对以下三点:


Electrical appliances


Whether there are campus-prohibited electrical appliances (eg. power is higher than 500W) or alterations of electrical cables;



Prohibited items


Whether there are prohibited/illegal items (including but not limited to cutting tools, weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous/corrosive chemical substances, radiation);





Whether there are animals being kept or fed;


       Any violated acts found in these reinspections will be instantly reported to violator’s college, besides the violator will be required to immediately reform.


      Please notice that 请注意:

(a) the authorized staffs have the right to enter the accommodation at all times, for any reason and without having to give you prior notice. However, with the consideration of respect, they will usually knock on the door first in order to see if you are present. If you are not present then, the staffs will let ourselves into the accommodation by using our duplicate key; and


(b) the authorized staffs have the right to remove from the Accommodation Areas and then impound any items (either used or unused) that belong to you or your visitors and which we consider are dangerous, offensive and/or may cause a fire hazard or whose presence will result in breach of relevant regulations/laws.


The safety and security of student dormitory are mattering to the vital interest of each student. Any remain safety hazard as a result of fluke or misprision is likely to worse and evolve into actual detriment and threat.   



    Please comply with the regulations and cooperate with campus authority, which is not only for others but also for yourself.


We will use reasonable endeavours to minimise the disturbance. Thank you for your understanding.


Security Office (Xiang’an Campus) 翔安校区学生办

Student Affairs Office (Xiang’an Campus) 翔安校区保卫办

Campus Service Department of Logistics Group (Xiang’an Campus) 后勤集团翔安校区服务办

28h Dec 2015 一五年十二月二十八日


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