Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Notice on 2015 Summer Holiday

      Happy summer holiday! To guarantee you personal and property safety during the holiday, here is some related information:

      1. University Arrangements and Opening Times:
      The summer holiday is from Jul. 25th to Sept. 11th. Please come back to campus on Sept. 12th to 13th and register on time. Graduate and undergraduate students will begin classes on Sept. 14th. Language students will begin classes on Sept. 17th. 
      If you can’t come back to campus on time, please ask for leave in advance. 

      2. on Duty Arrangement of OEC 
      During summer holiday, teachers from Overseas Education College will be on duty in turn. If you have any problems, please contact the teacher on duty.

      3. Safety Advice 
      (1). Pay Attention to Personal and Property Safety
      Please book tickets from well-established companies and keep in touch with your families when travelling or returning home. Don't leak personal information to strangers and don’t participate in gambling or other illegal activities.
      Do not go swimming alone or in the unfamiliar places, especially in the rivers, lakes or reservoirs. Confirm that you are in healthy physical condition before you go swimming. Warm up before going to the pools. Do not dive or swim underwater. Do not go swimming after drinking. If you sense any physical discomfort during swimming, please take a rest or call for help immediately.
      Please pay attention to all kinds of natural disasters and get prepared for the hot summer weather.

      (2). Pay Attention to Dormitory Safety
      If you leave campus during the summer holiday, please place personal goods properly and take valuable goods with you. If students sharing a flat are all leaving, please turn off water and electricity, close doors and windows before your leave.
      Students staying at school during summer holiday please pay attention to fire prevention, be careful with electricity and comply with university dormitory management rules: for example, having an open fire, lending beds to others and accommodating guests are strictly prohibited.
The Logistic Group will strengthen security inspections during summer holiday. Please cooperate with them.

      You can contact the General Office, the Security Office, "110" or OEC teacher on duty in any urgent situation. Security Duty Phone: 2888110; Police Station Phone: 110; University General Office Phone: 2886110; OEC Duty Phone: 18959287728. 
      If there are any safety risks, please contact security personnel immediately. Logistics Service Duty Phone: 2887110, Campus Service Phone: 2888108, Electricity & Water Service Phone: 2886115.
      Wish you all a wonderful holiday!


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