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New batch of taxis for tele-call service to be put into use this month

New batch of taxis for tele-call service to be put into use this month

Updated: 26 Nov 2014

Passengers in Xiamen can call 968890 for the service.
The first batch of 50 Geely-made TX4 taxis were put into service in Xiamen on November 16th, and the second batch are expected to hit the road by the end of this November, according to taihainet.com. 
Data shows that the operating center has received about 3,000 calls for the service daily, and the success rate of the service has reached 96%. 
To improve the success rate, another 40 seats for answering calls will be added to the current 24. Meanwhile, 38 designated parking venues with 84 parking spaces for the new taxis will be added to the current 46 parking venues with 102 parking spaces on Xiamen Island. The designated parking venues for the new taxis are mainly located at hotels, commercial centers and on streets. 
Passengers can call 968890 for the service or get one of the new taxis at any of the designated parking venues. 
The tele-call service for TX4 taxis from outlying districts to Xiamen Island is not available at present. The passengers can call a TX4 taxi to outlying districts only if they board the taxi on Xiamen Island. 
The starting fare for the tele-call service is 20 yuan with no fuel surcharge. Other fees will be incurred at the same rate as the normal taxis after 3 kilometers. Passengers can pay the taxi fare with cash or with their e-tong card. 
All the TX4 taxis are equipped with free Wi-Fi and they feature a larger interior than the normal taxis in Xiamen. Apart from the driver’s seat, there are 3 fixed seats and 1 rotatable & foldable seat. In addition, acoustic panels are also set up in the taxis, so passengers can only communicate with the taxi driver through a speakerphone. A taximeter, air cleaners, 4 surveillance cameras, and navigation instruments are also installed. 



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