Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Long-term Chinese

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The programs are open to applicants with different levels of Chinese proficiency. Students will be placed into three levels (i.e. beginning, intermediate and advanced) and be grouped into different classes with small size. The program will focus on the training of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with optional courses such as HSK tutorial, Chinese Idioms and Their Stories, Learning Chinese by Watching Chinese Movies, Chinese Kung Fu and Chinese Painting to act as a supplement to core courses. The objective is to help learners improve their abilities of Chinese language and communication, so as to enable them to apply Chinese in theirs studies, life and future careers. Certificate of Completion?and transcripts will be issued to students upon completion of the study.


Duration: Over 1 semester, about 20 class hours per week, 18 weeks per semester

Spring Semester: February/March to June
Autumn Semester: September to the next January

*Late enrollment: For applicants who have a foundation of Chinese, late enrollment is available.

Major Courses: Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, News Listening, Chinese Reading and Chinese Writing.

Optional Courses: HSK Tutorials (elementary and intermediate), Chinese Idioms and Their Stories, Spoken Business Chinese, Chinese Customs, Newspaper Reading, Modern Chinese Lexicology, Modern Chinese Grammar, Modern Chinese Rhetorics, Chinese Movies, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting,?Chinese Kungfu, Learning Chinese by Watching Chinese Movies, Summary of Chinese Culture, Chinese History, Analects of Confucius,etc.

Credit Hours: Students can choose their own courses according to their Chinese levels and suggestions of OEC office. The maximum credit hours is 24 per semester.

Extracurricular Activities: Visit to Xiamen University and historic cultural spots (self-paid), all kinds of gala evenings organized by the OEC every semester, Chinese language competitions, field and track sports competitions, football matches, Marathon and so on. (Self-paid).

Certificates Awarded: Certificate of Completion issued by Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Qualifications to Apply:
1.18- 60 years old;
2.High school diploma or above;

Time for Application:
1.Spring Term: Mid. October to the mid. of January the next year
2.Fall Term:Mid. March to the end of July
The exact deadlines are published on our website.

Documents for Application:
1.ID photo
2.A Photocopy of the passport
3.Certificate for highest education and transcripts & notarized copy in English or Chinese

Way of Application:
Please refer to application procedures.

Enrolment Fees: 400RMB (for new students only)
Tuition: 13,000RMB per semester

Introduction to Major Courses:
1.Intensive Chinese (elementary, intermediate and advanced): The course is designed to teach you skills and rules for Chinese pronunciation and the reading and writing of Chinese characters; it discusses Chinese vocabulary and grammar and their applications and develops your proficiency in written Chinese. It is designed to help to learn knowledge about Chinese language in comprehensive manner, thus laying a solid foundation for your application of what you have learned about Chinese. The course has 6-10 classes per week and is offered at all three levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced classes.

2.Oral Chinese: In a very happy and relaxed classroom atmosphere with professional teaching and ample exercises, you gradually improve your Chinese communication ability; get to know the communication skills of the Chinese people. With the improvement of your language ability, you can express your personal view on a particular topic completely and frequently in standard Chinese. You also cultivate the habit of thinking in Chinese and the ability to choose the proper expressions for different persons you are talking to on proper occasions. In all, you can learn to deal with various communication situations. The course has 4-6 classes per week and is offered at all three levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced classes.

3.Chinese Listening & News Listening: The course aims at improving your listening ability through systematic instruction and ample exercises. You can gradually learn to understand the real intent of the speaker in the conversion, enhance your ability to differentiate the words, to analyze, and summarize the speeches, as well as to make association and guessing. In the course of study, you will be trained to understand the speeches delivered at faster and faster pace and the news broadcast of the familiar topics and popular radio and TV programs. Finally, you can understand Chinese spoken in real communication situation and at the same time, consciously pick up new words, phrases, and usages. In a word, you can improve the sensibility on real application and development of Chinese language. The course has 4 class periods per week and is offered at all three levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced classes.

4.Reading comprehension: The course aims to heighten your level of reading comprehension of Chinese through systemic instruction and ample exercises. You learn gradually to read literary readers of generic level, news reports, routine documents, public notices, letters, etc. By the end of the course, you should know how to by-pass barriers, understanding the message and major points, explain the clues, transitions and development of narrative articles in Chinese, how to summarize the theme by reading the topic, finding the key words and topic sentences. You should also have learnt the self-study ability of using dictionaries to remove barriers and of speeding up your reading. The course has 4 class periods per week and is offered at all three levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced classes.

Transfer into Diploma Study: Students must apply for approval by the University Admission Office and transact relative procedures before changing from long-term advanced language program to junior college or undergraduate study of Chinese language.
Those courses that they have completed can be exchanged into credit hours after being testified.


   Long term Chinese