Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Tailor-made Chinese programs

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1. Ordinary Chinese Class for Groups :

Tailored programs are available for any study group of 15 people or more with similar Chinese proficiency. Program details such as the length, curriculum, courses, class hours, and culture experience activities can be negotiated. Certificate of Completion and transcripts will be issued to students upon completion of study.

We have hosted various tailored group programs in cooperation with institutions such as Leiden University, San Diego State University, The University of Alabama, Mea Fah Luang University and Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus, with number of people varying from 15 to several hundred and ages ranging from teenagers to middle-aged or senior. Therefore, it is safe to say that we have accumulated abundant experience in arranging short-term Chinese programs. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Culture courses:
Calligraphy, painting, movies, music, paper cutting, i-go games (Chinese chess), Kungfu, etc.

Fees, Application Requirements, Application Procedures, Application Documents, Application Way and Application Deadline
Please contact OEC directly.

2. China Study Program for Groups :

This program is specially designed for foreign college students who are interested in Chinese language, Chinese history, Chinese economy and Chinese culture. Foreign universities or colleges select the applicants and send excellent ones (at least 15) to study in Xiamen University. The courses, time and tuition fee of the program can be decided through further negotiation.

In this program, OEC is responsible to offer Chinese language training and open English lectures on Chinese economy, culture, politics, or society. A staff member from the foreign university can be assigned to supervise the program or even teach 1-2 courses of the program. OEC will award Certificate of Completion of Study to the students after the program finishes.

OEC has set up regular China Study Programs with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Eckerd College and Bentely College in USA, and University College Utrecht in the Netherlands。

Courses available for your choice:

  1. Chinese language
  2. English lectures:
    1. Chinese economy and development:
      • An overview of economic development between 1949 and 1977
      • Rural reform and poverty alleviation
      • The development of township & village enterprises
      • Food security
      • Economic reform since 1978
      • Ownership system and state-owned enterprises
      • Introduction of foreign capital
      • Special Economic Zones
      • Hong Kong and Macao economies
      • Foreign trade and WTO
    2. Contemporary society and public policy:
      • Confucianism
      • Buddhism
      • Daoism
      • Folk Religion
      • Christianity
      • Religious policy
      • Legal system
      • Ethnic groups
      • Government's structure
      • Mass media
      • Education
      • Social Security
      • Population
      • Foreign Policy
      • Amoy Magic
  3. Chinese Martial Art, caligraphy, paper cutting, etc.
  4. Other courses agreed on by both parties


Fees, Application Requirements, Application Procedures, Application Documents, Application Way and Application Deadline
Please contact OEC directly.

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